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How much do you really want to know?

How often are you practising stillness?

Stevie Kidd Pathway Brain Mapping Package

We will be supporting our clients using brain training software. The brain is like any other organ in the body. If you exercise it, it performs better. An efficient brain can accomplish more, with greater accuracy, in less time

Neuro feedback will provide our clients with the tools to train and exercise Neuro -nets in the same way as one exercises and builds muscles.

What distinguishes the best is motivation, concentration and how emotions are handled in high pressure situations.

Modern neuroscience has shown us that we have more personal control over our brain than we ever thought possible. We can change attitude and beliefs.

Emotional states and behaviours, all by using the power of neuro plasticity.

Brain mapping

We are training clients to be able to operate at peak. To re-route thought patterns and break emotional habits which is life changing.

Emotional states and behaviours, all by using the power of neuro plasticity

We are training clients to be able to operate at peak. To re-route thought patterns and break emotional habits which is life changing

High performers will achieve enhanced focus , mental resilience and decision ability.

  • Report factors - how much brain power is available?
  • Relative power - who is in charge - do we have a particular frequency overpowering other vital brain frequencies ?
  • Amplitude asymmetry - the brains balancing act.
  • Are brain waves between various parts balanced.
  • Coherence - how effectively is my brain communicating with itself ?
  • Phase lag - is My brain moving at optimal speed?
  • Brain areas - where is the activity happening ?

How much do you want to learn about the brain?

The purpose of this analysis is to compare electro-physiologic activity with standardised age norm data in order to gain clinical insights regarding how the cortex is organized. With these insights, we develop a programme to aid in the reorganisation of the cortex to resemble age norm conditions.

BRAINWAVES – What kind of activity?
When an area of your brain is active, it produces electricity. Wherever there’s electrical activity,
there’s an electromagnetic field. The electrodes detect this electromagnetic field activity, known
as brain waves. Brain waves are active all the time in ever changing proportions. The brainwave
spectrum reflects your state of arousal, or the ‘tone’ of the nervous system. Though operating in
a continuous spectrum, brainwaves are divided into bandwidths to describe their function.

  • Delta (1–4Hz) Sleep, repair, instinct, deep unconscious.
  • Theta (4-8Hz) Creativity, insight, dream states.
  • Alpha (8-12Hz) Alertness, peacefulness, readiness, meditation.
  • SMR (12-15Hz) Mental alertness, physical relaxation.
  • Beta (12-21Hz) Thinking, focusing, sustained attention.
  • High Beta (20-32Hz) Intensity, hyper alertness, anxiety.
  • Gamma (38-42Hz) Cognitive processing, integration, learning.

Presently Stevie has a reading of 10.2 hertz which is way above the average 6 hertz for westerners. This is due to his daily rituals practicing stillness and meditation. This enables Stevie to operate from the Alpha & Theta states which is where his innovation and creativity stems from - thus another bonus of having Stevie as a coach would be the fact you can tap into this innovation to benefit your business.

Now imagine how much your business and personal outcomes would improve for the better if you could control your thoughts and emotions? By mapping brain function you can find exactly where "you live" day-to-day and this can be improved over time.



"The main purpose of the map is to see where people are stuck, to see what it is that is obstructing them, and ultimately find a meditation for them, that suits them.

People are always drawn to what they are already good at, and that's not what we are looking for at all. We want to know where they are not so good at. We want to build up your weak areas, not strengthen the ones that are already strong"

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