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Big-Hearted Paisley Family Hitting The Heights With Mount Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge

Here at the Stevie Kidd Pathway, we have always been about setting big goals and challenges and passing this strategy on to our clients and delegates who engage within the Pathway.

This year is a massive year for the Stevie Kidd Pathway with our international events and personal challenges from the team and our clients.

We are huge advocates for supporting charities, and this year we are supporting The UK Sepsis Trust, Finding Your Feet and Brightest Star.

Ryan, Managing Partner of the Stevie Kidd Pathway, will be taking on a Ten Peak Challenge; in doing so, he hopes to raise £10,000 for The UK Sepsis Trust.

Stevie, Managing Director of the Stevie Kidd Pathway, will be taking on Mount Kilimanjaro for Finding Your Feet along with Lesley, his wife, who is also a considerable part of the business and will also be raising funds for the Brightest Star charity.

Next month, Stevie makes his way to Tanzania. to meet with our partners Migration Venture Africa where we will map out the entire experience that our delegates will have during the event in June and also discuss the contributions that the Stevie Kidd Pathway Foundation will make to the communities within Tanzania










Ryan Kidd, Managing Partner of Stevie Kidd Pathway, has set out to take on his biggest challenge. On the 27th of April, 2023, Ryan will tackle a Ten Peak Challenge across Scotland. His motivation for this challenge is knowing he will represent an incredible charity such as The UK Sepsis Trust. He has enjoyed taking himself into the unknown and breaking down barriers and limitations, and this event he has created will be doing precisely that.
Along the way, Ryan has built an incredible team of corporate sponsors for this event and is very thankful for their support. Some companies sponsoring Ryan are The JR Group, Megger, LS Contracts, Base Metal Roofing, Advanced Financial Strategies, Craig Alexander Rattray Ltd, ARDSA Project Management, CleanTEC, EPML Ltd, Caroleo Technology & Pack Performance.
Ryan appreciates every bit of kindness, and the generosity so far has been overwhelming.
More details about the charity and the event is below:
On the 27th of April, 2023, he will be taking on Ten Peaks across Scotland consecutively in the order below:
1. Ben Nevis
2. Beinn a'Chleibh
3. Ben Dubhcraig
4. Ben Lui
5. Ben Oss
6. Beinn Ime
7. Beinn Narnain
8. The Cobbler
9. Ben Vorlich
10. Ben Vane
His motto during this event will be:
'Serve - Give - Grow'
For Ryan, this event is about creating awareness of Sepsis and its effects on families across the UK.
Please join Ryan in making a difference! To do so, you can visit his GoFundMe page using this link -










Lesley Kidd is taking on Mount Kilimanjaro alongside Stevie and Ryan in June this year and is raising funds for Brightest Star who are actively supporting bereaved families.

Who is the Brightest Star?

On the 19th December 2012, 6 days before his 6th birthday, Jack Kennedy suddenly fell asleep in his mummy's arms and became the brightest Star in the sky. Brightest Star is the charity founded in his memory to support other broken-hearted mummies and daddies.

Please help us make Jack's legacy a lasting one by allowing us to raise awareness and funds to help other people save children's lives and to support families who also have children shining bright in the sky.

Brightest Star has several aims when it comes to supporting bereaved families, such as providing crucial first-aid training, bereavement support groups, memory boxes and also working with SCOTSTAR to provide a support transport ambulance for Edinburgh Sick Kid's Hospital.

Lesley's goal is to raise £1,000 for this incredible charity, and you can help Lesley make this possible by heading over to her JustGiving page using the link here -

This will be the biggest year of our lives for everyone involved in the Stevie Kidd Pathway. We will go to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as a family and with our incredible clients in June.

We will then go to Nepal in November to take on our very first Reach Your Peak Everest Base Camp event, and in April, Ryan will take on the Ten Peak Challenge, where he will climb ten peaks across Scotland, hoping to raise £10,000 for The UK Sepsis Trust.

All the charities we have hand selected hugely important to Stevie and his family.

Stevie always knew that as soon as the pandemic hit, people wouldn’t be unable to cope mentally. He thought, ‘let’s do something to give back’, and with our three charities, people can choose when they are donating which of the three charities they would like to support.

Our purpose within our RYP Kilimanjaro events is not just to conquer the mountain but for our delegates to destroy themselves and support and contribute towards the communities of Tanzania that our partners support.

The people we work with in Tanzania are simply incredible; they want to care for you and are helping you with your kit when they already carry 35 lbs of their own equipment. They show such love and care, so we want to see how we can help them.

Stevie's trip next month is to get on the ground, understand more, and gain a greater awareness of how we can help them going forward.

To keep up to date with everything in the build-up to our events this year, be sure to follow us on Linkedin and all other social media.

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