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Ryan is the Managing Partner of The Stevie Kidd Pathway, as well as a coach in his own right.

Stevie and Ryan, father and son, work in tandem, accompanying clients in their self-development, self-awareness, personal accountability, self discovery and providing them with the tools to explore and achieve their full potential.

These four skills are the keys to a successful personal vision and a road map of the future that Pathway clients will create for themselves.

From a very young age Ryan evolved and immersed himself into all the businesses his father created, whilst gaining a better understanding of neurology, road safety, distribution, training academies, employability, care projects and the coaching and events.

With Ryan shadowing and mirroring his father Stevie it also provided Ryan with a better understanding of the purpose of a Chief Exec and the true meaning of being a father.

Ryan's fitness qualifications run deep. From the age of 8, he joined his Martial Arts Academy in Paisley under Sifu John McKean and Matt McLaughlin to begin his journey in Korean Kickboxing and the concomitant set of values, dedication, respect and discipline. 

At age 16, Ryan obtained his black belt in Korean Kickboxing under John McKean, after a gruelling schedule of 1,664 classes.

After achieving his black belt, Ryan sought to learn as much as possible about fitness and nutrition, which he studied through the coaching of Daniel Jackson, personal trainer at David Lloyd Leisure Renfrew.

Today, Ryan is constantly developing himself under Fitness, Health and Exercise, continually evolving within his field and having set and achieved some record-breaking challenges in the interests of charities dear to his heart such as Finding Your Feet. You can see his latest challenge for FYF in the video below.

Ryan works closely with our clients and delegates of our Reach Your Peak Events, working alongside Bernie Hammersley, head coach at The EDGE Gym in Glasgow, on the physical training of our clients and their preparation for the events.

Ryan has currently led and achieved 4 Reach Your Peak Scotland Events as a guide and is training towards Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro in March 2022, and Reach Your Peak Everest Base Camp in April 2022.

Cor Hutton

Founder of Finding Your Feet Charity

"I’ve worked with Ryan on a good few events now and found his attitude and commitment to helping others, way beyond his years.

It’s refreshing and inspiring for me to watch him encourage and coach others but he practices what he preaches and has helped my charity, Finding Your Feet tremendously. Thanks Ryan."

Warren Hawke

Director at Strenua Ltd

"Ryan is a huge asset for the Stevie Kidd Pathway, now reached Managing Partner status within this innovative corporation - having been a speaker since the inception and a guide for RYP 3&4 and have witnessed his development - Attention to detail, passion and personality makes him the perfect support whether you are in the office or fighting blizzard conditions on the mountains."

Kenneth Morrison

Managing Director at Advanced Financial Strategies

"I have known Ryan for 10 years now and I have watched with interest his progress/development both in a professional and personal capacity. Personally, from obtaining his Black Belt in Martial Arts which took a phenomenal amount of focus, commitment to detail, leading to a huge jump in his personal growth, his high level of attainment in his academic studies, perhaps the most impressive for me has been the increasingly pivotal role in the composition of the Reach your Peak Event which he jointly writes and delivers bringing about lasting and profound change in the delegates who attend.

I think it is fair to say Ryan has a huge future in his chosen field and always leaves a lasting impression on those he comes in contact with. Separately, but of significant importance to me he is a very self-effacing young man, polite, and always courteous, which are hugely important qualities for life and business."

Joe Wilson

MAnaging Director | Guitar 53

"What to say about Ryan? Unlike other delegates at Reach Your Peak, I have had the privilege of knowing Ryan for many years and was struck with his outlook and approach to life even when he was still at school.

Having seen the transformation of the boy into the man, he continues on a journey that challenges himself to do better and be better and in doing so, provides an example to others of what can be achieved with the correct attitude, discipline and actions.

As part of the Reach Your Peak team, Ryan developed and delivered key parts of the experience, including several break-out sessions which were perfectly placed to focus on key points from that day’s content. One session in particular that was wholly created by Ryan was one of the most powerful and memorable moments of the event.

Prior to the event, Ryan ensured that all delegates gained experience on the hills, arranging to guide them on outings wherever and whenever required, helping prepare them for the physical challenge that lay ahead and providing an opportunity for him to get to know them before meeting on the event itself.

Ryan really gets to know people before and during the Reach Your Peak event and will use that knowledge to help you push yourself further than you think you can go. It might just be a comment about something you discussed, it might be a reminder about something that is important to you, it might just be a pat on the back, but it will be something that can shift your thinking in a moment to where you need to be. That’s the magic!"

Stevie Kidd

Father | Managing Director & Founder of The Stevie Kidd Pathway

"Ryan is beyond his years. He has walked beside me in my business and life, and now through his own merit Managing Partner of a very unique and successful business and is accountable for the growth of this business. He was not given this opportunity, it was earned."

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