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Our Very first International Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro Event was a huge success!

WOW! Where do we begin? In 2018, Stevie Kidd, Ryan Kidd and the rest of the team set out to create a Pathway for clients to experience life changing events. Our clients would enrol into a consultation to see if they are a right fit for the Pathway. They would then engage in their very own bespoke coaching package before then having the opportunity to take on 3 life changing events. Reach Your Peak Scotland, Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro & finally Reach Your Peak Everest Base Camp!

On June 3rd 2022, Stevie Kidd, Doug White, Paula Pierceall, Brandon Pierceall (Mother & Son), Peter Rigley, Jim Fairbairn, Lisa Newman, Ian Killeen and our partner and lead guide from Inspire Alpine, Ricky Munday set off to Tanzania Airport. Some flying from Glasgow - Heathrow then Doha to Kilimanjaro Airport and others travelling from USA - Doha and then to Kilimanjaro Airport.

To say this has been an emotional experience is an understatement. Just a small thought turns into a massive dream come true. Creating our very own international event and having it be a huge success is something simply incredible.

Meet Lisa Newman, Lisa is Group Bran Manager at Megger. Lisa was introduced to the Stevie Kidd Pathway through Dr Jim Fairbairn OBE, one of our long term clients and partners on the SK Pathway and over the last 6-8 months Stevie, Ryan and the team have been working closely with Lisa in her preparation for taking on Mount Kilimanjaro. As you can see from the image above Lisa absolutely smashed the event and at the same time did so without any of the kit that she had planned to take with her after her luggage being stuck in Amsterdam Airport as she made her way to Tanzania. The team very kindly donated some gear and clothing to Lisa along with the guides and porters so that she would summit the Roof of Africa. Lisa has been raising funds for Asthma and Lung UK which I believe is a charity close to her. Lisa has a target of £1000 to reach and so far raised a massive £710. If you would like to support Lisa there is still time and you can do so using the link below.

Using this link - you can support Lisa in reaching her target for her chosen charity!

Meet Ian Killeen (left) Ian is Electronic Hardware Engineer at Megger and again was introduced to the Stevie Kidd Pathway from Dr Jim Fairbairn OBE. It has been a pleasure being a small part in Ian's preparation leading up to RYP Kilimanjaro. From Day 1 Ian has took absolutely every bit of information on board and executed it perfectly. From planning, to training, asking questions, finding out the best way to get ready for the Roof of Africa and helping his friends and colleagues along the way. Ian has been raising money for Bowel Cancer UK and so far has raised a massive £1235 and he would greatly appreciate it if you would consider helping him reach his target of £1500. You can do so using the link below.

Using this link - you can support Ian in reaching his target for his chosen charity.

Meet Jim Fairbairn. Jim is the Global CEO of Megger and has been aligned to the Stevie Kidd Pathway for several years now and during his time alongside Stevie and the team has worked massively on his personal development and goal setting for what he looks to achieve in 1-3 years time, 5-10 years time and even 15-20 years from now. Jim is an inspirational human being with a great outlook on life. It has been a pleasure working with Jim, preparing him in his toughest challenge yet, taking on Mount Kilimanjaro. Jim was training extremely hard for this event and it certainly has paid off in the picture above.

So far Jim has raised £595 for Crisis UK Homeless Charity and he would love to reach his goal of £1500, please help him do this and make a massive difference to lives all across the UK. You can do so by using the link here -

Meet Peter Rigley, Managing Director of Base Metal Roofing. Peter has been aligned to the Stevie Kidd Pathway for 18 months to 2 years now and in this time has grown his business dramatically, taken on Reach Your Peak Scotland and now completed Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro and is on route to taking on Everest Base Camp in 2023. For Peter the Pathway is all about his journey of self-discovery. He has mentioned that RYP KIlimanjaro was a life changing event and cannot wait to see what unfolds next. Peter has been raising funds for Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity and so far has raised a whopping £940 and is just £60 off his target of £1000. If you would like to sponsor Peter you can do so using the link below.

Using the link provided you can help Peter reach his target -

Stevie would personally like to thank absolutely everyone who has sent kind messages, sponsored our delegates, donated to our friends over at Finding Your Feet, and to those who have had a small part in the event bringing it all together and making this possible. Thank you to all our external suppliers for providing us with what we need for an event like this. Thanks to Inspire Alpine and to all our new family over in Tanzania. If you would like to sponsor Stevie there is still time to do so using the link here -

What an incredible journey it has been and one that our delegates will certainly never forget. Until next year where another group of delegates will be taking on Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro!

This image just simply sums it up for us!

"Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

Our Tanzanian family coming together to send off our delegates of Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro 2022!

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