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Stevie Kidd – Give Yourself Credit

April 29th 2022,

A very powerful video from Stevie Kidd to close off the week.

In life it is very easy to get caught up in other peoples success and give yourself a hard time about where you believe you should be whether that is personally or professionally.

Sometimes we don't actually take a step back and take a look at or even note down what we are grateful for or what we have acheived.

Stevie's message for you is sit down, be still and take a look infant of what at what you have already been able to achieve within your life.

Who is important to you?

What brings you alive?

What brings you joy, fulfilment and happiness?

From here I want you to ask yourself one question?


Answer this question with as much passion and purpose as you can and watch what happens..

Have an outstanding weekend.

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